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About Us

Hello, welcome to our scoubidou website!

We have created this site because it is very hard to find free instructions on how to make a Scoubidou, especially the starting and finishing stitches. So we hope you find this site useful and enjoy using it as much as we have.

If you are new to scoubi strings then we suggest you start with the basic stitches and then move on to the advanced scoobies once you feel ready. If you still feel you can be more creative after completing those stitches then why not try the animal models shown on the site? The possibilities for scoubi dous are endless so let your imagination run wild and see what you come up with!

We can do all the Scoubidou Stitches and are currently learning some great accessories and more animals which we will show you as soon as they are finished. Then we'll begin writing instructions on them for you!

The site is far from finished, we have loads more goodies to show you, however it is just the two of us working on it so it's taking a little bit of time.Bear with us and we'll provide you with the best scoubidou site available!

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