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Advanced Scoubidou Instructions

How to make advanced Scoobies

Once you have mastered the basic scoubidou stitches, you might want a bit more of a challenge. Well fear not, as Scooby Strings still have a lot more to offer in the way of advanced stitches.

The Brick Stitch
The Brick Stitch is nothing more than two Square Stitches side by side, you therefore need to be familiar with the Square Stitch before attempting the Brick Stitch.
Instructions >>

Scoubidou Brick Stitch
The Twist Stitch
The Twist Stitch is nothing more than two Circle Stitches side by side, so check out how to make the basic Circle Stitch first.
Instructions >>

Scoubidou Twist Stitch
The Cobra Stitch
The Cobra Stitch can be created using three or more strands of scoubidou, although only two of the strands are actually worked with. This stitch is quite tricky but creates an extremely detailed outcome.  Instructions >>

Scoubidou Cobra Stitch
The Superbrick Stitch
The SuperBrick Stitch is three Square Stitches side by side. We therefore recommend that you are familiar with the Square Stitch and Brick Stitch before attempting this project!  Instructions >>

Scoubidou Superbrick Stitch
The Corkscrew Stitch
Also referred to by Scooby Aficionados as the "SuperTwist"! The CorkScrew Stitch is simply three Circle Stitches side by side. Although this project looks impossible, it is quite easy to master once you have done a few stitches.  Instructions >>

Scoubidou Corkscrew Stitch
The Quad Stitch
The Quad Stitch is another slightly more tricky stitch. However, once you get into it, it is fairly easy to do. We recommend you know how to do the Square Stitch and the Brick Stitch before attempting the Quad.
Instructions >>

Scoubidou Quad Stitch
The Tornado Stitch
The Tornado Stitch is also quite complicated therefore you should know how to do the Circle Stitch and Twist Stitch before learning the Tornado.
Instructions >>

Scoubidou Tornado Stitch
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