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Basic Scoubidou Knot Instructions

How to make basic Scooby Strings

If you are just starting out in the world of Scoobies, then you should first try to master some of the basic knots (or stitches as they should be refferred to). Once you have got to grips with these, then you can move on to the more advanced stitches. Click on one of the stitches below to access a complete list of instructions plus pictures of how to make each Scoubidou project.

The Chinese Staircase Stitch
This is the easiest Scoubidou Stitch to learn and still creates a great outcome (left). There are two ways you can do the Chinese Staircase Stitch.
Instructions >>

Scoubidou Chinese Staircase Stitch
The Square Stitch
This is the ultimate must know stitch; if you can get to grips with the basic Square Stitch, you can master any scooby string project.  Instructions >>

Scoubidou Square Stitch
The Circle Stitch
Extremely similar to the Square Stich. You should be familiar with the Square Stich before trying to master the Circle Stitch.  Instructions >>

Scoubidou Circle Stitch
The Butterfly Stitch
This Stitch is considered one of the easiest scooby stitches to learn, the Butterfly Stich involves placing one loop inside another loop of scoubidou, which is then repeated.  Instructions >>

Scoubidou Butterfly Stitch
The Triangle Stitch
You can do the Triangle Stitch using only three strands of scoubidou but the stitch itself is very similar to the Square and Circle Stitches.
Instructions >>

Scoubidou Triangle Stitch
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