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Scoubidou Butterfly Stitch

The Scoubidou Butterfly Stitch is considered one of the easiest scooby stitches you can do. Butterfly simply involves placing one loop of Scoubidou inside of another loop of scooby and is created using either one colour folded in half, or two different colours.

You will need:

  • Two scooby Strings that are twice as long as you want your finished project. So if you begin with 6 inch scooby strings, your finished piece would be 3 inches long.
  • scoubidou butterfly stitch 1 scooby butterfly stitch 2 scoubi doo butterfly stitch 3
    1. Start by tieing the two pieces of scoubidou in a knot leaving about two inches above the knot. 2. Take the strand on the right (green) and create a loop under the other scoubidou strand (orange). 3. Now bend the left strand (orange) under the green scoubidou creating your second loop which comes up through the first loop you made with the orange strand.
    scoobies butterfly stitch 4 scoubidoo butterfly stitch 5 scoobidou butterfly stitch 6
    4. Pull the green strand tight around the orange leaving a small loop. 5. Hold onto the loop and pick up the other colour strand (green in this case). 6. Take the green scooby strand and come up through the orange loop you made to form a green loop.
    scoubidou butterfly stitch 7 scooby butterfly stitch 8 scoubi doo butterfly stitch 9
    7. Pull the orange strand tight around the green using both hands. 8. Then, pick up the orange scooby string and place it through the green loop creating yet another orange loop. 9. Now pull the green scoubidou tight. You should see a pattern developing.

    scoubidou butterfly stitch 10 scooby butterfly stitch 11 scoubi doo butterfly stitch 12
    10. When you have completed a number of stitched the project should look similar to this. 11. I am making mine into a bracelet therefore I have created quite a long project! 12. When you want to stop stitching simply place one of the scooby strings through the loop without creating another loop.
    scoubidou butterfly stitch 13 scooby butterfly stitch 14 scoubi doo butterfly stitch 15
    13. Pull both strands tight until the last loop is flat. 14. Now pick up both ends of the project and hold them next to each other, notice there are four strands. 15. We are going to break into a little bit of Circle Stitch to tie the two ends together!
    scoubidou butterfly stitch 16 scooby butterfly stitch 17 scoubi doo butterfly stitch 18
    16. Complete about three Circle Stitches then do the Completion Stitch and carefully snip off the ends. 17. The bracelet should look like this when it's completed. 18. And like this from the side!
    scooby butterfly stitch 19
    19. The completed project should look like this when finished properly!.

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