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Scoubidou Circle Stitch

We recommend that you are familiar with the Scoubidou Square Stitch before attempting to tackle the Scoubidou Circle Stitch. They are extremely similar but this Scooby Stitch is a little more complex!

You will need:
  • Two strands of Scoubidou the same length.

  • Tip: You get about an inch of Circle from every 12 to 14 inches of Scooby strand.

  • To begin the Circle Stitch you need to have a starter Square Stitch ready.

    scoubidou circle stitch 1 scooby circle stitch 2 scoubi doo circle stitch 3
    1. Hold the black scooby strand closest to you and take it diagonally over to the other side of the first stitch you made, creating your first loop. 2. Now take the other black strand and bring it diagonally toward you so that the loop sits next to the first loop you made. But the strands do not cross each other. 3. Take the right side of the pink strand, take it over the black strand nearest to it and under the second. This will create your first weave.
    scoobies circle stitch 4 scoubidoo circle stitch 5 scoobidou circle stitch 6
    4. Now take the left side of the pink scoubidou and weave it over the first black strand (on the left) then under the second. 5. Grab a pink and black strand with your left hand and the other two with your right, then pull the strands tight. 6. This is how the stitch should look after the strands are pulled tight.
    scoubidou circle stitch 7 scooby circle stitch 8 scoubi doo circle stitch 9
    7. Let's repeat the stitch again, remembering that unlike the square stitch, we must take the strand diagonally. 8. Again, lift up the black strand furthest from you. 9. And place next to the first loop you made ensuring the strands do not cross each other.

    scoubidou circle stitch 10 scooby circle stitch 11 scoubi doo circle stitch 12
    10. Take the right side of the pink strand and place it over the first loop and under the second. 11. Repeat this with the left side. 12. Again, pull the strands with two in each hand.
    scoubidou circle stitch 13 scooby circle stitch 14
    13. The stitch should look like this once it's finished. 14. Here's how the Circle Stitch should look once you've completed about an inch of stitches.

  • You now need to do the Completion Stitch we used for the Square Stitch.

  • scoubi doo circle stitch 15 scoubidou circle stitch 16
    15. This is how your project should look once you have done the completion stitch. 16. Snip off the ends carefully using a pair of scissors.
    scooby circle stitch 17
    17. The completed project should look like this when finished properly!.

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