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Scoubidou Cobra Stitch

The Scoubidou Cobra Stitch can be created using three or more scooby strings, however, only two of the strands are actually worked with. The other scobidou strings make up the central strands. The more strands you have in the center, the wider your Scoubidou Cobra Stitch will be.

You will need:

  • Three or more (as many as you like) scooby Strings.
  • Tip: The Two Strands you work with should be different colours.

    scoubidou cobra stitch 1 scooby cobra stitch 2 scoubi doo cobra stitch 3
    1. Take two of your scoubidou strands and tie them in a knot leaving about an inch of strand above the knot. 2. Now take the other string/strings (we are using two orange strands) and put them through one of the outer loops of the knot you made earlier. 3. Pull the orange centre scooby strands through the knot until they are folded in half.
    scoobies cobra stitch 4 scoubidoo cobra stitch 5 scoobidou cobra stitch 6
    4. Now pick up the strand on the right, yellow in our case and place over the centre (orange) strands but under the strand on the right (green). 5. Now pick up the green strand and take it behind the centre strands and throught the original loop made by the yellow strand. 6. Pull the green scoubi strand tight until a knot is created.
    scoubidou cobra stitch 7 scooby cobra stitch 8 scoubi doo cobra stitch 9
    7. Now pick up the yellow strand again (we always start with the yellow), make a loop over the centre scoobies and take it behind the green scooby. 8. Again, pick up the green string and take it behind the centre strands and through the yellow loop. Pull the green scoubidou tight and your second knot will be created. 9. Again pick up the yellow strand and repeat the process taking it in front of the orange strands and behind the green scoubidou.

    scoubidou cobra stitch 10 scooby cobra stitch 11 scoubi doo cobra stitch 12
    10. Then take the green strand and take it behind the centre strings and through the yellow loop. 11. When you have completed a number of stitches, the project should look like this. 12. And like this when you turn it over!
    scoubi doo cobra stitch 13 scoubi doo cobra stitch 14
    13. Carefully snip off the ends of the scoubidous using a pair of scissors. 14. Snip both ends to keep it looking tidy.
    scooby cobra stitch 15
    15. Here's how the cobra Stitch should look once you've completed the project.
    Zoe's Twisted Cobra Stitch
    Zoe's Twisted Cobra Stitch Begin with the cobra stitch as shown above. A little way into it start the loop with the wrong outer string and carry on doing it with alternate outer strings - this results in a twisted cobra.

    In the one pictured she used the inside strings for a more colourful effect. However it is hard to get the twist to line up when changing to the middle strings.

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