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The Scoubidou Corkscrew Stitch

The Scoubidou CorkScrew Stitch is simply three Circle Stitches side by side. It is therefore recommended that you are comfortable with the Scoubidou Circle Stitch before starting to learn the Corkscrew! It would also be useful if you were familiar with the Scoubidou Twist Stitch as well as they are quite similar!

You will need:
  • Three strands of scoubidou that are the same length
  • One strand that is approximately 1� times as long as the first three.
  • To find the Centres

  • To begin the corkscrew Stitch you need to have a starter Superbrick Stitch ready.

  • scoubidou corkscrew stitch 1 scooby corkscrew stitch 2 scoubi doo corkscrew stitch 3
    1. Hold the starter Superbrick Stitch in your hand. 2. If you turn it over it should look like this with a loop going from one side to the other. 3. Pick up the green scoubidou closest to you and flip it diagonally to the other side (like we did with the Twist Stitch).
    scoobies corkscrew stitch 4 scoubidoo corkscrew stitch 5 scoobidou corkscrew stitch 6
    4. Now flip the other end of same scoobidou towards you creating a second loop. 5. Start weaving by picking up the scooby on the right furthest from you (red) and taking it over the loop closest to it and under the second. 6. Then pick up the red scoubidou on the left side and take it over the loop closest (it will be the left loop this time), then under the second.
    scoubidou corkscrew stitch 7 scooby corkscrew stitch 8 scoubi doo corkscrew stitch 9
    7. Now grab the right side of the centre strand (blue) and weave it over the first loop and under the second. 8. Do the same with the left side of the blue strand, over then under! 9. Now pick up the right side of the yellow scoubidou (this should be the colour closest to you) and take it over the first loop and under the second.

    scoubidou corkscrew stitch 10 scooby corkscrew stitch 11 scoubi doo corkscrew stitch 12
    10. And do the same with the left side of the yellow scoubidou. 11. Now, grab all three left strands with your left hand, and the right strands with your right hand and pull. 12. Pull extremely tight using the vertical scoubidou strands (green) as well if you have to!
    scoubidou corkscrew stitch 13
    13. The stitch should look similar to this when you have pulled it enough!

  • You now need to do the Completion Stitch we used for the Superbrick Stitch.

  • scoubi doo corkscrew stitch 15
    15. Your completed project should look like this.

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