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How to make a Scoubidou

  • The very first stage is to buy some scoubidous! they are now available in loads of shops and are even easier to get hold of on the Internet! The packs look like this and provide you with a sufficient amount to get started!

  • The first stitch you need to get comfortable with is the Square Stitch. if you know how to do this stitch properly you can take on any of the other projects!

    Finding the centres

  • You will often need to find the centres of the scooby strings. To do this fold the strand of scoubidou in half. The place where the fold is made is the centre of the scoubi string and this will be used to begin the stitch.

    Difficulty Starting Stitches?

  • Sometimes it is hard to begin your stitches and we found through experience that the easiest way to begin a scoubidou stitch is to use a pencil!

    1.  Lay one scoubidou next to your pencil and the other vertically behind the pencil and scoubi string.

    2.  Now pick up the vertical scoubidou (blue) and tie in a knot around the pencil and other scooby.

    3.  Begin your Square Stitch holding onto the pencil for support.

    4.  Once you have done about 10 stitches you should be able to hold onto the project for support.

    5.  Slide the project off the pencil and continue stitching.

  • Scoubidou Starting Stitch Scoubidou Starting Stitch Scoubidou Starting Stitch Scoubidou Starting Stitch Scoubidou Starting Stitch
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