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Scoubidou History

Scoubidou or scooby Strings are the latest craze to hit the UK, giving children a chance to use their imagination for something thats fun to do. Scoubidou has taken over the school playgrounds and has been a huge selling item already this year and is predicted to increase in demand for a while to come!

Scoubidou Strings have been a popular craft in Europe for many years, and have been around in France since the 1960's when there was a huge craze.

Most of the knots used in Scoubidou today were around when the product first began all those years ago. However, the scooby Strings have developed into a new kind with designs such as animals, accessories and jewellery!

In America Scoubidou is known as Bondoogle and is currently a big hit there, as well as in The Netherlands, France and a lot of other European countries.

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