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Joining Scoubidous

There are a number ways you can join your scoubi string together. Listed below are a few ideas to get you going, if you have any methods that you would like to share with the world please let us know using the Contact page and we will publish them.

Tucking in your ends

  1. 1. When you are drawing near to the end of you strands, pick up some new scoubi strings of the same colour.
  2. 2. You will need twice as many as the original strings you have been working with (if you're doing the square stitch you will now need 4 strands).
  3. 3. Hold the 4 new strings together close to the end and place them in the middle of your scoubidou, amongst the original string ends.
  4. 4. Try to keep the new strands in the middle and continue to knot around them using your original strings.
  5. 5. Once the new strings are secure (not falling out) pick them up and force the original strands to the centre and the new strings to the outside.
  6. 6. This will be difficult to begin with but as you start knotting with the new strings you can tuck them in securely.
  7. 7. Carefully continue your stitch using only the newer strands and the originals will quickly disappear to the middle of the scoubi.

Using small knots

  1. 1. Once you have stitched for some time and you are nearing the end of the strings, tie a new string to each of the originals using a simple double knot.
  2. 2. Force the ends of the original strings and the ends of the new strings towards the centre and knot around them using the new strings.
  3. 3. Continue to do this until all ends are tucked into the scoubidou securely.
  4. 4. The knots will be present but will look like part of the pattern if you tie them neatly.

Attaching two together

If you already have two scoubidou's made that you want to join together you can use a slightly different technique.
  1. 1. Firstly ensure both scoubi's have at least an inch of string left over.
  2. 2. Put the scoubi's next to each other (ends facing) and join the projects together using a new stitch.
  3. 3. The stitch you use will depend on the stitch you used for your scoubidou's. For example if you used the square or circle stitch you will need to use either the quad or the tornado to join the strings together.
  4. 4. Once you have completed several knots with this stitch pull the ends tightly and snip off the ends to make it look neater.
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