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Scoubidou Triangle Stitch

The Scoubidou Triangle Stitch is very similar to the Square and Circle Stitches, however, only three scooby Strings are requires to complete this project, and you work from the top of the strands (using a knot) therefore you can make longer scoubidou pieces using this stitch!

You will need:
  • Three Strands of Scoubidou (different colours if possible)

  • Starting Stitch
    scoubidou triangle stitch 1 scooby triangle stitch 2 scoubi doo triangle stitch 3
    1. Start by tieing the two pieces of scoubidou in a knot leaving about two inches above the knot. 2. Turn the project upside down and seperate the three scoubidous, as shown in the picture. 3. Take the scoubi string on the left (yellow) and place it over the one to its left (black).
    scoobies triangle stitch 4 scoubidoo triangle stitch 5 scoobidou triangle stitch 6
    4. Then take the black strand and place it back over the first strand (yellow). This should create two loops that cross each other. 5. Pick up your third scoubidou (red) and take it over the loop closest to it (black) and under the yellow loop. 6. Pull the three scoubi laces in different directions until the first stitch is tight and secure. Notice the triangle shape created!

    Main Body
    scoubidou triangle stitch 7 scooby triangle stitch 8 scoubi doo triangle stitch 9
    7. Repeat this process by placing the yellow scooby strand over the black scooby strand making yet another loop. 8. Pick up the black strand and bring it back over the yellow scoubidou creating a second loop that crosses the first. 9. Pick up the red scooby again and take it over the loop closest to it and under the second (same as we did before).

    scoubidou triangle stitch 10 scooby triangle stitch 11 scoubi doo triangle stitch 12
    10. Pull the three strands in different directions until your second triangle stitch looks like this. 11. This is how the project should look after you have completed about an inch of stitching. 12. When you want to stop stitching do one more triangle stitch but leave it loose, as shown in the picture.

    Completion Stitch
    scoubidou triangle stitch 13 scooby triangle stitch 14 scoubi doo triangle stitch 15
    13. Take any of the three scooby strings (we have used red) and place it under the scoubidou to its left, then up through the centre of the loose stitch. 14. Repeat this with the other two strands so all the scooby dou ends are coming up through the centre of the stitch. 15. Pull the strands tight (individually if you have to) until the completion knot is secure.
    scoubidou triangle stitch 16 scoubidou triangle stitch 16
    16. Now undo the original knot you made at the start of the project (on the left in this picture) and turn it into another completion stitch . 17. Carefully snip off the spare scoubidou strings at both ends, using a pair of scissors.
    scoubi doo triangle stitch 17
    18. When you have completed the project, the piece should look something like this. Notice the two completion stitches at either end make the project look a lot neater.

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